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Ever Learning Training Center (ELTC) is a higher learning establishment dedicated to increasing knowledge that integrates programs of study with lifelong skills, applicable trainings, and essential instructions to meet the ever-evolving changes in society and life. ELTC’s focal point is to offer a solid educational curriculum that stresses job training for future careers.  To offer all of the benefits of going to a higher educational institution with less time and money, ELTC offers smaller classes for in demand careers with plenty of hands on training.

Future of the Company

We believe that learning is an ongoing process and that one can always master new things. When there is failure to thrive, there is failure in setting goals. Ever Learning Training Center’s motto is: Where learning never stops. 

Mission Statement

To provide high quality, career focused skilled trade education to our students that will help them gain employment for high in demand careers. ​​​​​​​