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Program Goals

To prepare students to gain entry-level employment as a pharmacy technician and become certified through either the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCE) or NHA (ExCPT).

About Our Online Course:

Recognized and approved by PTCB as approved education/training program.

It's 100% online, so you'll need a computer with speakers and internet access.

It's self paced; no scheduled classes or meetings. You take the lead on studying.

An experienced instructor in the pharmacy industry and education will lead and monitor  the courses.

Feedback and observations are maintained by the instructor throughout the program.

Lectures pre-recorded and can be accessed whenever you're ready to view and listen to them.

Includes activities, case studies, the top 200 drugs, chapter readings, and quizzes.

Hands on lab procedures, simulated labs, and a virtual externship.

Up to one year of full access to the course.

Practice exams to prepare student for the official PTCB exam.

6 classes with 1 additional course called the Captsone


Module A Pharmacy Fundamentals

This class helps to give an all about idea of how the profession works, how it's viewed, and what it takes to be a well-rounded medical professional.  It's designed to introduce students to the professional aspects of working in different areas of pharmacy, and the history of and changing roles of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.  The Top 200 drugs are presented as well along with some basic math skill calculations of fractions, decimals, and Roman numerals. The student will also learn the pharmacy language of sig codes with practice of translating prescriptions into layman’s terms for a patient to understand.

Module B Pharmacy Essentials

This class is designed to familiarize students with the laws and regulations involved around the pharmacy industry, provide some foundations in microbiology, expose the issues with medication errors, and master the metric system.  The Top 200 drug list is still presented along with understanding the importance of safety and all the compliances associated with OSHA, along with more translating practices.

Module C Pharmacy Actions

This class is designed to familiarize the students with many different forms of medication as well as their routes of administration, doses, and strengths. It's designed to emphasize that medications should never be given until a purpose, possible side effects, precautions, and recommended dosages are known. To be able to calculate oral dosages, and also, to inform the students of the many drug-related problems caused by drug interactions. The Top 200 drug list is still presented along with more prescription translation.

Module D Pharmacy Therapeutics

As a student, it's important become familiar with the  structure, function, and pathology of the all body systems.  This class is designed to familiarize the student with the science of the human body, the afflictions that can arise on it, and what types of medications are used to treat them. To memorize  medical terminology,  the most useful medical abbreviations, and to be able to calculate parenteral dosages.  The Top 200 drug list is still presented along with more prescription translation. 

Module E Pharmacy Operations

This class is designed to expose the business side of the pharmacy industry, teaches how to manage drug inventory, and third party responsibilities from private and public insurances.  This class also includes business calculations along with special population dosages.  The Top 200 drug list is still presented along with even more prescription translation.

Module F Pharmacy Compounding

Be ready to be introduced to aseptic compounding and sterile & non-sterile  products. Emphasis is also placed on the principles and procedures of quality assurance and on the risk levels for various compounded preparations.  Calculations are all centered around sterile & non-sterile compounding.  The Top 200 drug list is still presented along with even more prescription translation.  

Module G Pharmacy Capstone, Lab, Certification Preparation &Virtual Externship

This course wraps up the program and is designed to review and serve as preparation for a nationally accredited pharmacy technician certification exam. Also, the student will be able to complete hands on labs online and a virtual externship of a simulated experience in a pharmacy.  Students will be required to pass a practice PTCB exam before ELTC will sign them up for the official one given by PTCB.